About us

Over the centuries the oldest methods have been employed for splitting stone. We have inherited stone splitting principles from our ancestors; therefore, we strive to ensure lasting value for split stones, preserve the features of the stone and unleash the beauty of the stone.

Over the course of our activity we have gained a considerable experience which enables us to split boulders according to your needs and expectations. We focus on providing high-quality and flawless service.

The split stone has exquisite beauty and offers a diverse spectrum of stone colours, a variety of sizes and forms, therefore it is perfect for internal and external design. Not only does split stone embellish but also create the feeling of eternity for the environment surrounding us.

NEW! Taking into account the fact that Lithuania is a stony area, since 2012 we have been offering a Mobile stone splitting line by means of which stone splitting service can be provided in the place chosen by the client.